New Video: Sunset Landscape

I nearly forgot to share my new video, which is available on YouTube. This is the video that I made by taking lots of stills photos a few weeks ago, and made a blog post about. If you get travel sick easily or suffer from epilepsy, I should warn you that it's quite wobbly because…Read more New Video: Sunset Landscape

Age Equality Survey

As part of my academic studies, I ran a survey during February concerning perceptions of and attitudes concerning age equality, as it relates to the music industry. It also looked at different ages' listening habits. I don't think it was the most scientific study ever, and I'm sure the Radio 4 More or Less team would…Read more Age Equality Survey

6 May: Save the Date

This Friday, 6 May will see the launch of my debut single, Sunset Landscape. This is the track that I was making the video for using stills photography a few weeks back. It feels exciting to have got this far through the process and to be able to share it here. I'll post more details…Read more 6 May: Save the Date