Code Like A Girl

The last week has been a bit bonkers, as I’ve been trying to fit work around helping a good friend with a family crisis. I haven’t got as much done as I would have liked, but some things are just more important, and I’ve still been able to make a little progress.

Over last weekend, I wrote an article for an online publication called Code Like A Girl, which you may possibly have heard of if you’re interested in encouraging more girls to do STEM subjects, or you’re a bit of a computer geek. During the week, there has been communication with the editorial team, minor changes made, and they have published it this evening.  The article is a bit of a mashup of a couple of the articles in this blog, and describes how I made the video for Sunrise but I thought I’d share it here anyway as I’m feeling somewhat chuffed to have been included on their writing team and had an article published about my work.  I anticipate writing at least another article about a different video I’ve made with a similar technique, maybe going into a little more depth about the code this time.

Guerrilla Snowdrop Temptation

This is not a great photo of snowdrops.  I left it too long before I went outside (it was cold, I’ve been avoiding it!). The snowdrops have, as a consequence, gone over, so most of the white flowers have disappeared already and been replaced by green pods, presumably containing seeds.

When I first came to this house, there were only a very few snowdrops that appeared, but every year, there have been more. In addition to the ones in this picture, there are a couple of other large clumps of them in the middle of the lawn which were not there before. (I admit, I did use a bulb or two to plug a gap in the lawn where there had been a large weed that left a hole when I pulled it out – I’m really not a gardener).

Given how easily they are spreading around my garden, it should in theory have already been full of them, but the previous owner had turfed the grassed area, so maybe there were more that were lost when the lawn was redone. Or maybe it is because I don’t look after the garden very much, so they have more chance to spread.

I feel tempted to dig up a few spare bulbs and start a new cluster in the public land nearby, which already has a lot of daffodils every spring. It would give me something extra to look forward to seeing when the long winter months haven’t quite given up the ghost, and I’d be able to smile to myself, knowing who was responsible, and that this act of green vandalism would be there for far longer than I will be.  I’ve always liked the idea of yarn-bombing but not the idea of how it would look after it had been there a while.  Maybe I will sneakily plant some bulbs beneath a few trees… I am managing to convince myself it is a good idea…