Stoneygate: Sleepwalker

I love this review! “You could end the beginning of the Korea war just by handing Kim Yong Un my headphones.”


I cannot say much about your music. Despite I paid my full attention to it. There are barbiturates like Thiopental. No, I´m not talking about the death penalty injection. I´m talking about a narcosis. Your music worked like a barbiturate on me. I forgot space and time, as if I was mentally ill. I walked up and down my apartment with my headphones on. I think, this is the definition of “chillout”. But I´d never imagined what kind of power your music has on me. Take the case others feel like me. You could end the beginning of the Korea war just by handing Kim Yong Un my headphones. Isn´t it amazing? Love, Mister Tetzentheil ❤

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Oh *$&@, it’s got swearing on it!

This post is purely personal opinion.  I've been doing a bit of thinking about why I don't typically like songs with swearing in. I don't think I'm a huge snob... I'm not terribly bothered when people use the occasional swear in normal speech. Well, I might be a bit shocked if it was the vicar…Read more Oh *$&@, it’s got swearing on it!

Spring Gardening & A Blackbird Update

Today was Easter Monday, a Bank Holiday in the UK, and I felt oddly inspired to get out in the garden, soak up some vitamin D, and get vicious with the pruning loppers. I think I've said it before but I really am NOT a gardener...  My garden is more about trying to stop the…Read more Spring Gardening & A Blackbird Update

Niagara & Album Progress

Earlier this week, battling a migraine, I tried to take stock of what material I have for Albums 2 & 3 and get myself a bit more organised towards getting these both out of the door. Album 2 is a 'fake filmscore' based on a book that is quite well known in the UK. It needs another…Read more Niagara & Album Progress