Cinematica: My Filmscore Playlist

This playlist is a bit different as it features a lot of actual filmscore music - most of the tracks have actually been used in films, but I've snuck in a few that fit with the filmscore feel, but haven't been used in film to my knowledge. What film soundtracks would you recommend?

Super-chilled Music

I've been making a few playlists on Spotify of work by artists that I discover, especially independent artists - we need all the love we can get!  So I'm going to do a series of blog posts so each of these playlists gets their spot in the limelight and you will get the chance to…Read more Super-chilled Music

First Game: Way of the Bubble

The last few weeks have been a bit intense at times. I signed up for a game music composition course on Udemy in June - maybe not the sanest thing to do during a 30-day composition challenge, but I doubled up and used the homework as Tune-A-Day June tunes, which helped me crack on with…Read more First Game: Way of the Bubble

A Co-write and Victory!

Apologies, I've been a bit quiet on the blog front*  - I've been focussed on getting through the Tune-A-Day challenge. Last night, arriving at the completion of Day 30 was almost an anticlimax - although I did try and write something a little triumphal sounding to go out on, as I've never got to Day…Read more A Co-write and Victory!