A Cool TrickJazz Games Artists Playlist

As part of the kickstarter campaign for the TrickJazz studios games, I put together a playlist on Spotify of tracks from the artists that are going to feature in the chillout games. I hope you enjoy it - it's so chilled I may need coffee! https://open.spotify.com/user/stoneygatesound/playlist/5Ab8TtZY0IgR1mFwd5PkM3    

Chilled out folk and indie music playlist

My Chilled Folk Music Playlist

Every now and again I will hear something I like that just doesn't fit into my other chillout playlists because it's quite folky, so I had to start a new list to gather these pieces together. A particular highlights for me on this list are the songs from Uncut Pages, a British indie outfit with…Read more My Chilled Folk Music Playlist

Just Keep Going Until You Get There

Album Progress Update After a couple of weeks where I was getting a lot of other things done - like researching what to do if Soundcloud suddenly disappears (and actioning what I found out) - I've managed to make another dent in the heap of significant things-that-need-doing to finish a second album. I recorded vocals…Read more Just Keep Going Until You Get There

How to Relax

My 'how to relax' playlist is slightly more upbeat than my 'super-chilled' one, but it's full of tunes which are easy to listen to. I've included a few East Midlands based indie artists, such as Yakobo and Lynz Crichton, as well as some that are better known. https://open.spotify.com/user/stoneygatesound/playlist/3mIdYfrKmUgfTuUaBDjL2Y Which are your favourite tunes for when…Read more How to Relax