Playlist of the Week (2018/31)

Playlist of the Week - No 31: Electronic / Ambient / Future Garage, by Amanda Krause.

This week’s playlist of the week is Electronic / Ambient / Future Garage from Amanda Krause, a self-confessed workaholic bassist from Colorado, USA who has a day-job in Digital Marketing.

Amanda has assembled a wonderful collection of laid-back tunes, including some of my very favourite artists in the ambient electronica and trip-hop scenes, such as Boards of Canada and Massive Attack, who I consider among my musical influences. It’s a real honour for me, therefore, that Amanda accepted my instrumental Polarisation onto the list.

Playlist of the Week (2018/30)

Playlist of the week no 30 2018 - Cool for the Summer / Hot Summer Songs by Susan Moss

Cool for the Summer / Hot Summer Songs – this week’s POTW.

If you’ve not yet brought out the barbecue, or boogied on the beach this year, now’s the time!  This week’s playlist, Cool for the Summer / Hot Summer Songs is another from my friend Susan Moss, who has been working incredibly hard to support the indie music community, all while working on her own new material and keeping family life going.

This playlist is a fun one with a party flavour, with a mixture of chart hits and songs from lesser known artists. It’s perfect for a hot summer’s afternoon sizzling burgers over hot coals, but if the weather won’t play fair, stick the meat in the oven, play it loud and try to imagine some sunshine!

Playlist of the Week (2018/29)

Playlist of the Week - Filtersweep Collective - Easy Listening / AOR

Playlist of the Week: JJ Christie’s ‘Filtersweep Collective – Easy Listening / AOR – Around the House and Lying in Bed’.

This week’s playlist has been compiled by Jamie Christie, also known as the music producer JJ Christie. Jamie is from Australia and has played as a bass player and lead vocalist in heavy rock bands, but the music he makes under his own name is synth based.

There is often a spacey feel to a tune from JJ Christie, and genre-wise he covers a broad spectrum from synthwave through to trance and ambient electronica.  Jamie says his goal is to “produce multi layered textures and soundscapes resembling a tapestry of sounds, evolving and morphing into a palette of auditory experiences”. I’d say he achieves that – his tunes really take you on a bit of a journey.

JJ Christie is also the founder of the Filtersweep Collective, a record label, which caters to the Synthwave, Darksynth, Electronica, and Industrial genres.

This playlist is all about having a lazy morning lie-in at the weekend, or for lounging around the house, perhaps with a newspaper or book in hand. It has a light and bright feel about it.

Playlist of the Week (2018/28)

Playlist of the Week 2018, No 28: Staalklang's collection of epic music - art rock, prog rock, cinematic...

This week’s POTW is very special. It’s Nothing But Epics, a collection of prog rock, compiled by Staalklang, from Norway. According to Staalklang, the rule for music to be included is that, “it has to be epic, meaning recurring themes, keychanges, beatchanges, progressive, odd, cinematic.”

It certainly does all that. Pink Floyd, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and Yes all feature, as well as Staalklang’s own music, and he has not shied away from including longer tracks, that might not get a look in on other playlists, due to their length. In fact, the longest track is over half an hour, which is highly unusual for a compilation, but well worth the time listening!  Similarly, some of the tracks – such as ELP’s Tarkus – are more demanding to listen to, making this playlist a pretty rare find. You may find that you want to listen to this when you don’t have competing distractions, to really appreciate the complexity of the music.

Staalklang is a multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, drums and keyboards, and who is interested in both rock and electronica. He is making his own approach to ambient music – he has already completed his 4th album, late last year, and says that progressive rock and ambient electronica are the genres closest to his heart.

Overall this playlist is a very immersive listening experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed playing it, as well as contributing several suggestions for tracks to include.

Playlist of the Week (2018/27)

Playlist of the Week: Raj Patel invites the general public on Twitter to contribute to his playlist.

POTW: DJ-Twitter by Raj Patel, and Twitter users.

This week’s POTW is DJ Twitter by Raj Patel. Raj took the brave decision to create an experiment on Twitter, where he invited anyone in the general public who saw his post to add tracks to his playlist. Like it says in the playlist’s description, ‘what could possibly go wrong?’

The results are far better than you might expect – o ye of little faith!  The good people of Twitter came up with a very palatable collection of classic tracks, current pop and songs by lesser-known artists. I can’t guarantee this list will be ‘safe for work’ as there are a few tracks with the ‘explicit’ label, but then, you’d probably expect that for a playlist that was written via Twitter.