Playlist of the Week - Filtersweep Collective - Easy Listening / AOR

Playlist of the Week: JJ Christie’s ‘Filtersweep Collective – Easy Listening / AOR – Around the House and Lying in Bed’.

This week’s playlist has been compiled by Jamie Christie, also known as the music producer JJ Christie. Jamie is from Australia and has played as a bass player and lead vocalist in heavy rock bands, but the music he makes under his own name is synth based.

There is often a spacey feel to a tune from JJ Christie, and genre-wise he covers a broad spectrum from synthwave through to trance and ambient electronica.  Jamie says his goal is to “produce multi layered textures and soundscapes resembling a tapestry of sounds, evolving and morphing into a palette of auditory experiences”. I’d say he achieves that – his tunes really take you on a bit of a journey.

JJ Christie is also the founder of the Filtersweep Collective, a record label, which caters to the Synthwave, Darksynth, Electronica, and Industrial genres.

This playlist is all about having a lazy morning lie-in at the weekend, or for lounging around the house, perhaps with a newspaper or book in hand. It has a light and bright feel about it.

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