Stoneygate at Sono | Sonic, Sonophilia Festival 2018. Picture courtesy of Acoustic Nations.
Stoneygate at Sonophilia Festival, Lincoln.

Stoneygate is an electronic artist and producer based in the East Midlands, UK.

From a background of playing acoustic guitar and songwriting, Stoneygate branched out into electronic music production.  She has eclectic influences ranging from Everything but the Girl to Boards of Canada, via Kate Bush, Blondie, John Adams, Synthpop, Trip-hop and much more besides. 

The result? A relaxing blend of filmscore, downtempo, chillout and trip-hop tunes. There are instrumentals ideal for while you work, and vocal tracks for when you want to put your feet up. 

Stoneygate’s goal is to give listeners the headspace to stop, relax, unwind and think. Here’s what listeners have had to say:

“It is clear ‘Stoneygate’ is a very accomplished artist and hosts a rather fine singing voice to boot” – The Sound Sniffer blog, on Survival

“Delicate, ethereal vocals to complex, lilting, atmospheric music.” – Peter K Rollings 

“Overall the album has a wonderful dreamy impression bordering on well crafted pop music but more artistically inclined.” – Kees de Groot, on Sleepwalker

“I love this album. It has this restless energy and a searing beauty over top that works on every level.” Keeps Me Alive music blog, on Sleepwalker (full article here)

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She also has written some articles on Medium for Code Like A Girl)

More on this site: Portfolio

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    • Stoneygate performance and music is beautiful. It give peace to brain and souls. I hope she will continue to give such a soul peace music .

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