Beaky Jay Production

All Stoneygate’s solo work is released under her own label Beaky Jay Production (LC 96158). 

If you like Stoneygate’s music production and would like her to work on your own digital release, Stoneygate / Beaky Jay is available for hire!

She can offer composition, music production, mixing and mastering, depending on what your project needs – and her own music as Stoneygate / Fake Filmscore can be licensed for sync. To discuss your requirements, please get in touch.

Here’s what an existing Beaky Jay client, Susie, has to say:
“Jacky of ‘Beaky Jay Productions’ was a dream to work with. Patient and thorough, she made my songs come to life. When I needed a master for my instrumental tracks, she gave me a choice of two options without me even asking. I’ll definitely be working with her again.”

– Suschwa (Susie Schwartz)