Underground is live on YouTube!

Now that it’s gone live on all the streaming services, I’ve made a YouTube video for this tune.   Seeing as the scene in the book that inspired all this (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time), is set in London, I hunted down as many clips as possible filmed in the capital. I’m sure not all the clips I’ve used have been shot there, but I’ve done my best to avoid shots that are obviously from somewhere else.  It’s turned into a somewhat trippy experience now all the footage is strung together. 

Curious Album Art – Take II

The feedback I got from the first attempt at an album cover was a bit mixed, so I rehashed that for the single’s cover – it fitted the title after all.

With time marching on, as always, I’ve tried to take the comments on board for what I hope will now be the album cover. I’ve tried to make it feel more like a movie poster, and be less ‘busy’.  I think it’s an improvement over the earlier attempts, but feel free to tell me if I’m wrong!

I am free to talk!

After a long wait, I can finally spill the beans on the remix I did for my friend Manipulant. (Can’t believe it was only this time last month that I delivered this one – it feels like a year already.) My mix is the last track on his Almost Elegant album that comes out on 4th December on the Submarine Broadcast Company label. They’ve done a pre-release with this track though, so you can hear it on Bandcamp already. The album is going to be getting a mention on Radio Wigwam this week (not sure which song) and I understand that New Music Saturday podcast are going to be playing my track when they feature the album on (I think) their 5 Dec edition.

If you look closely at the track listings, you will see that Lee Scratch Perry performs as a guest artist on the track that I remixed, which won’t be immediately apparent, as he’s not mentioned on the remix itself. This is something of a big deal, as he was an instrumental part of the development of the dub genre, and he very kindly agreed to work on this project at age 84. He’s still very active in music, though – Manipulant didn’t drag him out of retirement. (There’s a brilliant album of remixes of his earlier Rainford album that he did a year or so ago called Heavy Rain. That has a track featuring Brian Eno & I’d recommend checking the whole album out on YouTube).

We’re going to be releasing a slightly longer version of “I am Free” in due course. The remix title is a play on a title of some of Lee’s earlier work.