Stoneygate at Sono | Sonic, Sonophilia Festival 2018. Picture courtesy of Acoustic Nations.

Another Week Flown By

This week's been a bit quieter than last, but still pretty hectic. Saturday: Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse... Struggling to remember words some of the time. Not sure why it's so hard. What's going on?  Make sure I have one song in my set that is mostly instrumental. Sunday : Gig at Sonophilia Festival, Lincoln, on their…Read more Another Week Flown By

Crashing Down (part 2)

 It is about time I updated everyone on how things are going. My Dad is still in hospital: it's been eight weeks already. He has been moved twice now and is back in the original hospital he started in. The move away was because they thought he would need an operation, but it was decided…Read more Crashing Down (part 2)

Spring Gardening & A Blackbird Update

Today was Easter Monday, a Bank Holiday in the UK, and I felt oddly inspired to get out in the garden, soak up some vitamin D, and get vicious with the pruning loppers. I think I've said it before but I really am NOT a gardener...  My garden is more about trying to stop the…Read more Spring Gardening & A Blackbird Update

Guerrilla Snowdrop Temptation

This is not a great photo of snowdrops.  I left it too long before I went outside (it was cold, I've been avoiding it!). The snowdrops have, as a consequence, gone over, so most of the white flowers have disappeared already and been replaced by green pods, presumably containing seeds. When I first came to this…Read more Guerrilla Snowdrop Temptation

Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night

A couple of mornings in the last week, I have had the privilege of hearing the dawn chorus start, and listening to the incredible singing of our local blackbird. (I haven't actually checked it is definitely a blackbird, as I've been listening from the comfort of my bed, but I'm fairly sure...) It all starts…Read more Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night

Pick Myself Up & Start Again

The last few weeks have been a little rough. I worked fairly hard through January, then after helping out at a local community event on 4th Feb (just in the kitchen, no music involved) I was super-tired. I took the Sunday off to recuperate, but had a sore throat all day Monday, and then got…Read more Pick Myself Up & Start Again