Playlist of the Week (2018/43)

One playlister whose name has come up again and again in this series is Susan Moss, because of her dedication to getting independent artists heard. Today I've got not one but two playlists of the week for you, both designed to cheer up your Monday (or other days of the week as you see fit),…Read more Playlist of the Week (2018/43)


Playlist of the Week (2018/42)

This week's #POTW is ENILSounds's October Most Popular playlist from indie artists and a few mainstream ones.


Playlist of the Week (2018/41)

This week's POTW is the fantastic Chillout Downtempo Dance Music, by Soulful Fox, an independent music producer and performer from Liverpool who makes uplifting electronica music that leans towards house, downtempo and liquid drum and bass. After studying for a music degree, she took a detour and started a career in banking, but  decided it wasn't…Read more Playlist of the Week (2018/41)

Stoneygate Sleepwalker CD

What a Week!

I can't believe it's Friday already (yeah, I know I keep saying that, but seriously, they go really lightning-fast at the moment). So, in place of my cancelled Tune-A-Day June, I went for an 8 Day Sync Songwriting Challenge, organised by one of the agencies that deals directly with the film, TV and advertising industries,…Read more What a Week!


Playlist of the Week (2018/39)

This week's #POTW (Playlist of the Week) is 'Dreaming Instrumental' from @AndySalvanos, Chapman Stick player extraordinaire.


Playlist of the Week (2018/38)

This week's Playlist of the Week comes from the recently formed "Dreamfolk_" community on  There are some really lovely tracks here, mostly from artists I hadn't previously discovered, like Ben Howard and Wilsen. To be honest, before I found this group (via the Indiefolk subreddit), I was unaware of the 'Dreamfolk' genre label, even though…Read more Playlist of the Week (2018/38)