My Chilled Folk Music Playlist

Chilled Folk - a Spotify Playlist by Stoneygate

Every now and again I will hear something I like that just doesn’t fit into my other chillout playlists because it’s quite folky, so I had to start a new list to gather these pieces together. A particular highlights for me on this list are the songs from Uncut Pages, a British indie outfit with a songwriter that I know from way back near the start of my songwriting efforts, who now lives in the States with his wife, whose beautiful voice you will hear.

Which song is your favourite?


How to Relax

How to Relax - a Spotify playlist by Stoneygate

My ‘how to relax’ playlist is slightly more upbeat than my ‘super-chilled’ one, but it’s full of tunes which are easy to listen to. I’ve included a few East Midlands based indie artists, such as Yakobo and Lynz Crichton, as well as some that are better known.

Which are your favourite tunes for when you want to put your feet up and chill out?

Cinematica: My Filmscore Playlist

This playlist is a bit different as it features a lot of actual filmscore music – most of the tracks have actually been used in films, but I’ve snuck in a few that fit with the filmscore feel, but haven’t been used in film to my knowledge.

What film soundtracks would you recommend?

Super-chilled Music

Super-chilled tunes for the end of the day

I’ve been making a few playlists on Spotify of work by artists that I discover, especially independent artists – we need all the love we can get!  So I’m going to do a series of blog posts so each of these playlists gets their spot in the limelight and you will get the chance to hear and enjoy them too. (In the interests of transparency, I admit I’ve snuck one or two Stoneygate tunes into each list, however nearly all the tracks are from other artists!)

They each cover quite a lot of music – it would be too much for anyone to listen to if I posted them all in one go, but if you’re a music listening super-hero, you’ll be able to see all of them on my Spotify profile.

My Super-Chilled playlist

This list covers acoustic guitar to latin jazz to electronica but the emphasis is firmly on relaxation, and maybe even dropping off to sleep in the process as the list goes on. (Just don’t sleepwalk, OK?)  Let me know your favourite tracks in the comments section!