POTW (2019/1): Simon’s 2018 Top 10 on Spotify

I probably with hindsight should have made a playlist with all my own favourite tracks from the year, but that would have required I start making notes a year ago. Maybe next year! Instead, I have this lovely little selection from Simon Irvine, aka the artist Stuffamebobs, who I have mentioned before. (I'm extremely honoured…Read more POTW (2019/1): Simon’s 2018 Top 10 on Spotify


Playlist of the Week (2018/52)

You've probably still got a way to go with last week's Alternative Christmas playlist, but here's another choice for your Christmas listening, and it's very classy. Our POTW this week is the lovely Winter Wanderer playlist, compiled by Barry McLoughlin, whose Acoustic Treasures playlist I featured all the way back in August. This set of…Read more Playlist of the Week (2018/52)


Playlist of the Week (2018/50)

This POTW has been on my list to cover for a while.  It's Chill Sesh, from Fancy Foxx Music. This is one smooooth playlist, steeped in loungey, funky-jazz vibes.  It feels both clubby and yet very horizontal.  It's a bit late in the year, I know, but some of the songs feel quite summery, too,…Read more Playlist of the Week (2018/50)


Playlist of the Week (2018/49)

Playlist of the Week (2018/49) is Alex Pope's Hover Car Radio, a synthwave retro treat with tracks from artists such as Kavinsky, Com Truise and Daft Punk amongst many others.


Playlist of the Week (2018/48)

Playlist of the Week (2018/48) is Folks & Strokes from Mark Joseph Parsons of Berthmark and it's a chilled folk fest.