A Cool TrickJazz Games Artists Playlist

As part of the kickstarter campaign for the TrickJazz studios games, I put together a playlist on Spotify of tracks from the artists that are going to feature in the chillout games. I hope you enjoy it - it's so chilled I may need coffee! https://open.spotify.com/user/stoneygatesound/playlist/5Ab8TtZY0IgR1mFwd5PkM3    

TrickJazz Kickstarter: Update

With the Kickstarter sitting at 72% of its funding target, and 5 full days to go, I've received the news from TrickJazz that the Kickstarter is going to be cancelled, because a new source of funding has emerged which will set the project on a stronger footing going forward. What happened? Last month, after the…Read more TrickJazz Kickstarter: Update

Kickstarter update – it’s off the blocks.

I've spent quite a bit of my time the last week or so trying to raise awareness of the TrickJazz Kickstarter campaign I already mentioned.  Nearly a week in, and the Kickstarter is at almost 25%, with 30 backers, which looks fairly healthy at this stage of the campaign, but by no means ensures success…Read more Kickstarter update – it’s off the blocks.

Dreamwalker Kickstarter

Today the TrickJazz Mobile App Kickstarter campaign, um, started. There are three games in the chillout series that are part of this Kickstarter campaign, but Dreamwalker is the game that my tune is going to feature in, on the menu screen. All of the games are aimed at being relaxing for the players and feature chilled out hiphop triphop…Read more Dreamwalker Kickstarter

Putting my Business Hat on (Part 2)

In my previous post, I explained how I've been in contact with TrickJazz studios, a company making games, and how I had put together a kind of business case for them to use my tune. Christian Facey, the company's founder, got back to me at the end of last week to confirm that he wants to go ahead…Read more Putting my Business Hat on (Part 2)

Putting my Business Hat on (Part 1)

  One of the things I'd really like to do is write music for computer games, or have tunes I've written placed in a game. A few weeks back, I was in touch with an app developer, TrickJazz Studios, who are planning to make some games to aid relaxation. We had a couple of emails back…Read more Putting my Business Hat on (Part 1)