Just Keep Going Until You Get There

Album Progress Update After a couple of weeks where I was getting a lot of other things done - like researching what to do if Soundcloud suddenly disappears (and actioning what I found out) - I've managed to make another dent in the heap of significant things-that-need-doing to finish a second album. I recorded vocals…Read more Just Keep Going Until You Get There

Putting my Business Hat on (Part 2)

In my previous post, I explained how I've been in contact with TrickJazz studios, a company making games, and how I had put together a kind of business case for them to use my tune. Christian Facey, the company's founder, got back to me at the end of last week to confirm that he wants to go ahead…Read more Putting my Business Hat on (Part 2)


I haven't said much about how work on the album is going, so here's a bit more about it. I've been working on the tracks for my debut album for a long time already; some of them have been floating around for a couple of years in one form or another. Originally, I thought I'd…Read more Graftwerk