Failures and Successes

So, it's been a few weeks since I posted here. I was trying to throw myself into Tune A Day June, but my efforts basically fell apart after about 11 days because I was super-tired at the end of the college year, and then needed to focus my efforts to prepare for the end of year…Read more Failures and Successes

Day 10 – Courage

A third of the way through the challenge already! I wrote a couple of tunes yesterday, but wasn't happy with either. One just didn't seem to have much of a life, and the other one was starting to come out a bit on the similar side to something famous that I would need to check it against.…Read more Day 10 – Courage

Day 7 & Day 8 – Ascent & Rebellion

I was unwell for a few days so Tune-a-Day got put to one side and I did a lot of sleeping...  Now I'm trying to catch up again. This is day 7 - not quite sure where all the darkness came from, but it works its way up as it goes along, hence the name.…Read more Day 7 & Day 8 – Ascent & Rebellion

Day 5 – Spy Kidz!

Today's tune is probably one of the wackiest I've written yet. It starts off as funk and arrives somewhere in the land of fun, aggressive commercial electronic pop. I'm not sure about all of it, but I'm not really trying to get to fully finished productions. It's more about getting ideas and exercising the 'creative…Read more Day 5 – Spy Kidz!

Tune-a-Day June 2016

Last year, my friend Max said he was going to write a tune a day in June. I felt challenged and joined in. It was an enormous struggle to get past the two week mark producing a proper tune every day, but I made it to about three weeks in before the writing petered out. It…Read more Tune-a-Day June 2016