Stoneygate: Sleepwalker

I love this review! “You could end the beginning of the Korea war just by handing Kim Yong Un my headphones.”


I cannot say much about your music. Despite I paid my full attention to it. There are barbiturates like Thiopental. No, I´m not talking about the death penalty injection. I´m talking about a narcosis. Your music worked like a barbiturate on me. I forgot space and time, as if I was mentally ill. I walked up and down my apartment with my headphones on. I think, this is the definition of “chillout”. But I´d never imagined what kind of power your music has on me. Take the case others feel like me. You could end the beginning of the Korea war just by handing Kim Yong Un my headphones. Isn´t it amazing? Love, Mister Tetzentheil ❤

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Rocking the Hi Tech

I’m doing a little experimentation with some web-based apps that can help you to synchronise your blog, Facebook and Twitter posts. Basically the idea is that I can free up some time and spend more of it on music. This is a little test post to see if it’s working!

Stoneygate – Sleepwalker: Review And Interview Extravaganza

How’s this for a lovely write up of the album? Many thanks to Aaron at KMA for taking the time to listen, to make me think by asking the deeper questions and for sharing his thoughts in the blog.


Dear KMA Readers,

James and I have been doing this blog for ten years (plus a bit), and one of the things we’ve always said was that if you’re an artist, and you have tunes you’ve created, and you want them heard and reviewed on our site… send them to us! We guarantee we’ll get it heard and written up. We love new-to-us music and we will always welcome it. Sending it to us is a great way for you to get your name and your work in print. 

In our decade of blogging, this has only happened a few times. But we take every delivery as a victory, and we always do a write-up, as promised.

Recently, we received contact and a submission from Stoneygate, with an album called Sleepwalker. Below, I’ve not only reviewed this record, but also sent along a few questions, email interview-style, to Stoneygate for answers!…

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