Tune A Day Fail

I was planning to do Tune A Day again this year, but the album release date ended up being later than I had originally thought it would be, and pretty close to the start of June. No chance for proper time off afterwards. Work was really intense getting the album completed and I was completely…Read more Tune A Day Fail

Singing The Post-Album Blues

I don't think I should really be surprised by how I've been feeling this last week or so - I worked extremely hard over a sustained period of several weeks in order to reach my self-imposed deadline to finish the Survival album and finally be able to move on to working on other projects. (It…Read more Singing The Post-Album Blues

Interview Thursday: Jacky Stoneygate

Thanks to W.Wang’s World Commentary for interviewing me! I thought it would be cool to share it on my blog, too 🙂

W. Wang's World Commentary

Interview Thursday is back, and this week I’m featuring electronic artist and producer Jacky Stoneygate from East Midlands, UK! Here below is the interview:

W.: Please tell us an introduction of yourself!

Jacky Stoneygate: I grew up in Leicestershire, England and was fascinated by music and musicians from a very early age. My first proper musical instrument was a guitar, when I was 8, which was very exciting but I can still remember doing the homework after the first lesson with painful fingers, frustration and tears! Thankfully it got easier! Later, I dabbled with sequencing software and a 4 track tape machine, dreaming of making an album of my own songs.  It took a long time, but now I make music which aims to give the listener some head-space to stop, unwind and think more deeply about life and the world around them.

W.: What makes you start your music career?

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High Time for A Dad Update

As I write this, I'm at my parents' house, waiting for a delivery. It's to replace a mobility aid which was already delivered for Dad, but my sister tried to demonstrate how it would fold down to fit in the car and one of the plastic levers broke off in her hand. Dad's still in…Read more High Time for A Dad Update

What alternatives are there to Soundcloud? (Part 2: Drooble)

There were various articles last summer predicting doom and gloom for Soundcloud before they were rescued. This prompted a little research into what alternatives there are to Soundcloud - this is the second of a series of posts into what I found out. Drooble Drooble's website states, "We want to create a community that unites…Read more What alternatives are there to Soundcloud? (Part 2: Drooble)

Everything Came Crashing Down

This is not the easiest post to write. Yesterday marked four weeks since my Dad was taken into hospital as an emergency, with an unidentified illness and a fever spiking at 40 deg.  That's why I haven't posted for ages. The trouble started at the beginning of October, but it took a while for it…Read more Everything Came Crashing Down

First Game: Way of the Bubble

The last few weeks have been a bit intense at times. I signed up for a game music composition course on Udemy in June - maybe not the sanest thing to do during a 30-day composition challenge, but I doubled up and used the homework as Tune-A-Day June tunes, which helped me crack on with…Read more First Game: Way of the Bubble