Day 10 – Into Double Figures, Woohoo!

I was having a bit of a meh kind of day today, having stayed up stupidly late last night to catch up and it was a looong time before I got stuck into writing today. I’m glad I did, though. The initial idea was to go for some kind of lofi kind of tune, as I’d like to make some more of those, but I when I was looking for sounds to go with the beat I made at the start, I chanced upon a synth with a strong resemblance to the Uilleann pipes, and couldn’t resist. Further on, I wanted to bring in a change of mood, and it went all cinematic on me. Not that I mind! This is by no means finished, but I’m very much liking the direction it has gone off in. I believe this is written in the correct key for an actual set of Uilleann pipes, so that might open up some possibilities later, maybe.

In case you’ve been looking at the work I’ve been putting out in this 30 Day Challenge so far and scratching your head wondering why nothing’s finished, well, the idea is to get creative, generate loads of new ideas, and then come back to the tunes that ‘stick’ and work on those afterwards. I’ve had a bit of an earworm with “Colston Down” from a few days ago, which is promising. And this tune feels like a likely candidate to come back to and polish up later.

I really wasn’t sure I was going to survive this long when I started the challenge, as I had a false start a couple of years back, and didn’t feel like I was going into it in very good shape this time round either. But right now, it feels like I’ve just got started, and it’s building my confidence back up a bit. 

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