To date, Stoneygate has released two albums and two singles.  Her style is an eclectic mix of electronica, bringing together influences from the world of pop, dance music, folk and minimalism.

Sleepwalker by Stoneygate album cover


Sleepwalker is a collection of ambient instrumentals and thoughtful songs bringing together filmscore, downtempo, chillout and trip hop styles. In instrumental tracks such as Spiralesque and Sunset Landscape, I’ve taken some ordinary ambient samples and then woven these in with electronic sounds and classical-style melodies. Sad Samba enters more traditional downtempo dance music territory, whereas Sunrise hints at my Celtic influences with…Read more Sleepwalker

Sunset Landscape, single by Stoneygate

Sunset Landscape (Single)

Sunset Landscape is an ambient chill track, with leanings towards chill-hop. As a single it was only released on CD Baby, but it is also part of Stoneygate’s debut album, Sleepwalker


Survival is Stoneygate’s second album, released on 18 May 2018. It’s an unusual mix of triphop, dreamy synths and electronica combined with a strong singer-songwriter influence in this followup to Sleepwalker.  Darker and edgier than Stoneygate’s debut album, Survival reflects on the current state of world events: fake news, Facebook crisis and all. Many of the…Read more Survival

Death Blinked First - Stoneygate animated skeleton character

Death Blinked First (Single)

Death Blinked First, the new single from Stoneygate – available from all major online music services.

Artwork for the Re:Bugged EP

Re:Bugged EP

Re:Bugged is a 6-track EP of remixes for John Clark, which Stoneygate also sung on. Additionally, she made two music videos (as Beaky Jay Production) to accompany the project. These were for the tracks “Waves” and “The Ghost Is Clear”. It wasn’t just the music that was a collaboration between the two artists – the…Read more Re:Bugged EP