New Video – Tropical Breeze

Hiya, just thought I’d drop the new video in here which came out this evening (UK time) for Tropical Breeze. After all the work from me on the music, I didn’t have to do anything on the video, bar providing a tiny bit of feedback, because Susan (MoonDreams Music) sorted it all out, with help from her other half shooting her on the beach.  (Good thing he only had a video camera!).  And she’s done a fantastic job of pulling it all together – big thanks there from me!!

We got a play on BBC Radio Lincs’s Introducing show a few days back though & I’m going to claim responsibility for making that happen (yay for teamwork!!)  😉  It’s at about 1h15, here (available for 30 days after the show was aired):

PS, the BBC did a really funny segue into the next song, at least it made me laugh – see what you think.

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