Nihao China!

Very exciting news today – my albums are now available in China on several different popular music platforms, accounting for 75% of the Chinese streaming market. Not being a Mandarin speaker (or reader!), I don’t know quite how much I’ll be able to do to get my music noticed in China without either a lot of help or a crash course in learning the language, but I did manage to find my songs on one of the sites.  That’s a start, right?

The albums had already been distributed to Netease, one of the remaining Chinese streaming sites, within the last few weeks. I was pleased to discover this last week when I started to look into how to get music to a Chinese audience, so I’m hoping that at least one of these sites will start showing some activity.

Judging from how things work on other streaming services, I will need to put some effort into marketing the music out there somehow, otherwise it could take a painfully long while before the needle moves, and it may even only be posthumous, if ever!   

Spotify, however, is going really well, in the sense that it is growing steadily, even though I didn’t release anything for a while. (I’ve been working at it steadily, too!). I’ve seen a clear jump in the number of people listening since MoonDreams released our Tropical Breeze remix, which is really encouraging. There *should* be another jump when the John Clark remix EP (Re:Bugged) is out, if this is anything to go by.  If just a small percentage of his listeners decide to follow my Spotify account, it will really help when I get round to releasing more music of my own. It’s really great that artists like John and Susan are willing and happy to work with me as a relatively unknown producer!  (Yeah, I know, I need to work on my confidence levels!).  

Talking of other projects, I may have done some artwork today for the next single. It is going to have to wait until mid November for release, at the earliest, as I didn’t manage to squeeze it into the narrow gap after Tropical Breeze and before Re:Bugged. As long as the distributor I’ve been using for these collaborations is still there and I can figure out how to complete their online form, I think we’re going to be good to release it then, though!  It is a co-write with another producer, but this post has already got too long, so I’ll tell you more about it when things are underway. 

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