Playlist of the Week (2018/1)

I’ve seen a teeny weeny bit of growth in the number of people listening to my tracks over the last few months, mostly via other peoples’ Spotify playlists. This has been a big encouragement to keep going – the last couple of months have been pretty tough.

So, this year, I thought I’d do a new series of posts with playlists that I’ve been included on and give a shout out to the fantastic people who have been willing to add my music to their lists. If you like the list, give it a follow of course and listen again! I’ll keep going with the series for as many weeks as there are playlists with my music on, so if you’ve got a public playlist and I’m on it, let me know! (NB: your playlist needs to be suitable for all-age listening! I don’t think my music is likely to fit too well on a seriously dark playlist or one that has a lot of swearing anyway, so it’s unlikely to be an issue, but just saying…)

My first playlist of the week in 2018 is Our Fierce Female Friends.┬áIt’s by Susan Moss of MoonDreams Music, who makes beautiful lullabies and gentle music suitable for young children (make sure you listen to track 4 for a sample of her work). Susan’s an avid playlist creator, often featuring independent artists like myself amongst better known tracks, which is hugely appreciated.

So, I hope you enjoy listening. Hopefully it will brighten up your commute or chillout time or when you’re doing the cooking.

7 thoughts on “Playlist of the Week (2018/1)

    • There might be something better soon… Spotify doesn’t pay artists very well. You might like to check out for a load of indie artists ;0) That site is more generous to artists, but the snag is that it pays cryptocurrency rather than ‘real money’. It’s also a bit slow loading tunes for now.

    • Hi, I do make music (it’s at plus Spotify, Apple Music etc). I’m featuring other peoples’ playlists for the POTW feature. If I like those songs I have some Spotify playlists of my own I could add them to, but I’m not currently doing a weekly list of my own. Hope that makes sense :0)

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