Playlist of the Week (2018/17)

This week’s Playlist of the Week is The Monster, which I mentioned in passing last week. This playlist is technically¬†Simon’s Mini Monster‘s big brother, as it has multiple tracks from a larger selection of indie artists than feature on the smaller list, whereas the mini-monster is from a subset of these artists, with one track each.

As well as being big brother to a mini-monster, The Monster is the brainchild of Jon Magnusson, whose introductory Steemit blog describes him as a ‘borderline crazy Swedish indie folk artist who became a networking master in the independent music scene’. (I’ll second the ‘networking master’ description but he seems pretty sane to me. I don’t know him all that well, though!) Anyhow, before I start digging too far, Jon’s music can be heard on Spotify or, better still, on Musicoin, where you can still listen for free, but Jon will be paid considerably more for each song you listen to*.

Now, I should warn you, the Monster playlist is simply enormous – the clue’s in the name – and at over 40 hours long you’ll only be able to dip into it (unless you stream it everyday at work for a week)¬†so… please give the people at the bottom of the list a fair chance and put the ‘shuffle’ setting** on before you hit play!

*If you read that and are wondering ‘why aren’t you featuring a Musicoin playlist, instead of a Spotify one, if the artists stand to benefit so much?’, hold that thought. The Musicoin site doesn’t, as I write, allow users to build playlists, although that’s a very likely future development. A tech-clever rap artist named Self Suffice has already worked out how to build playlists on external websites, however there isn’t a solution which works within WordPress just yet, where this blog resides. That won’t stop me featuring Musicoin-based playlists from other sites though – it just means that I can’t build my own Musicoin playlist.

**If you’re unfamiliar with the Shuffle setting, it looks like a wavy ‘x’ with arrows pointing to the right and is on the far left, near the play/pause button.

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