Playlist of the Week (2018/18)

This week’s POTW is a compilation focussing on mental health, a slightly surprising topic for a playlist, but it turns out it works rather well. Fighting the Monster – mental health awareness is full of tracks around the topic of mental health (and maintaining it), but it’s not in any way a depressing listen. There’s a broad range of genres and moods represented, from in-your-face rock to dreamy ambient, and if anything it’s quite a thought provoking set of tracks, as there’s not always an immediately obvious connection with the subject of mental health.

Fighting the Monster – mental health awareness is curated by Verity White, an independent British rock artist, whose recent Break Out tour has seen her perform in venues in Manchester, London and Cardiff. Verity’s voice sometimes sounds like Stevie Nicks, but it can also be far edgier, and both sides of her vocals can be heard in the excellent Exhale, the leading track on this playlist.

(Disclaimer: there are, very occasionally, tracks on this playlist which contain swearing – please use the skip button if you are offended by a track.)



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