Playlist of the Week (2018/19)

This week’s POTW is compiled by the obscurely named ‘The X Reposts‘. This is actually a selection of tracks that this Spotify user found via the Atom Collector Records site, which I’ve already mentioned in a couple of posts, but is not one of their playlists.

A quick look at The X Reposts’ website shows that they have made the playlist to promote independent artists – just one of a number of ways that they are doing this. As you’ve probably gathered if you’ve been following this series, indie musicians are pretty passionate about supporting each other and getting the word out about each others’ work. It’s no surprise then that The X Reposts is run by an independent artist, Newen X, who produces mainly electronic dance tracks, including some pretty powerful dubstep. His own music hits the nail right on the head for the club scene, with big anthemic tunes and classic drops. It’s the polar opposite mood-wise to many of the tracks on this list, however, including my own Silver Bird.



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