Playlist of the Week (2018/27)

Playlist of the Week: Raj Patel invites the general public on Twitter to contribute to his playlist.

POTW: DJ-Twitter by Raj Patel, and Twitter users.

This week’s POTW is DJ Twitter by Raj Patel. Raj took the brave decision to create an experiment on Twitter, where he invited anyone in the general public who saw his post to add tracks to his playlist. Like it says in the playlist’s description, ‘what could possibly go wrong?’

The results are far better than you might expect – o ye of little faith!  The good people of Twitter came up with a very palatable collection of classic tracks, current pop and songs by lesser-known artists. I can’t guarantee this list will be ‘safe for work’ as there are a few tracks with the ‘explicit’ label, but then, you’d probably expect that for a playlist that was written via Twitter.

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