Playlist of the Week (2018/34)

Playlist of the Week (2018/34): Relaxing Ambience, compiled by Susan Moss

This week we have another of DJ Sue’s playlists as POTW, and this one’s a cracker. Her Relaxing Ambience playlist brings together globally stellar artists such as Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Lana Del Rey and Ed Sheeran. But it doesn’t stop there: a selection of unsigned artists feature, including Dan Fogelberg, Tracy Colletto, the must-hear Zialand, and yours truly.¬†Barry Mcloughlin, whose Acoustic Treasures playlist was POTW a fortnight ago is also included, with his song Far, Far Away.

It’s a good playlist for working to, but you’ll need to put it on repeat or combine it with other playlists for a full workday, as it is one of the shorter playlists, at 50mins.

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