Playlist of the Week (2018/43)

Playlist of the Week: Susan Moss's Monday Playlists - MoonDreams Music Monday and Monday Monday.

One playlister whose name has come up again and again in this series is Susan Moss, because of her dedication to getting independent artists heard. Today I’ve got not one but two playlists of the week for you, both designed to cheer up your Monday (or other days of the week as you see fit), and both compiled by Susan : Monday Monday and Moondreams Music Monday. There’s a variety of music on these playlists, so there’s something in there for just about everyone – except maybe hardcore metal-heads.

Since I last covered one of her playlists, Susan’s released a new single under her Moondreams moniker, called Tropical Breeze, and you will find this on the playlists.  It has a nostalgic 80s vibe to it with lots of vocal layers; I’m hoping that I’ll get to do a remix of it at some point in the next few months, ready for next Summer. Meanwhile I can dream of sunny beaches while I navigate the storm puddles in a relatively wet and chilly UK!

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