Playlist of the Week (2018/44)

Digital Music Goodness, from Replicant Theory, is this week's playlist of the week.

Digital Music Goodness by the artist Replicant Theory is this week’s Playlist of the Week. It’s full of various forms of electronica, focussing on darkwave, synthwave, ambient and electronica.

The Replicant Theory project originated as a collaboration between two artists in the early 2000s, but after making their first album, one of the members relocated and the project fizzled out. After a couple of failed attempts at getting going again and a second album, Polaroids, Replicant found new momentum after writing two tracks for a zombie shooting game as a result of a chance encounter with a game developer. Since then, as well as releasing more albums of his own, he has collaborated with a number of independent artists (including GJART, whose playlist GJART Loves I featured back in February).¬†Replicant Theory describes the music he makes as a “hybrid of alt-metal, progressive, industrial, electronica & darkwave from the underground.”¬† There are several good examples of his work, such as Shadows Fall, within the playlist.



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