I’ve made quite a few playlists which I’d love to share with you:

Stoneygate Complete Playlist

Stoneygate – Complete

Everything Stoneygate has released to Spotify.

Chilled out industrial music

Cheer Me Up!

Shiny happy music to beat the Winter Blues.

Spotify playlist We Are Not Sleepwalkers by Stoneygate

We Are Not Sleepwalkers!

Songs to motivate you to be a force for good in the world.

Chilled music with a slightly industrial flavour.

Chilled Industrial

Industrial music, but chilled out.

Great relaxing, chillout and downtempo music

How to Relax

Just a massive list of great music with a chilled-out vibe.

Stoneygate's Super-chilled Spotify Playlist


A playlist of music so relaxed it’s horizontal. Not to be played in the car – save it for when you want to wind down or sleep!

TrickJazz Studios - Way of the Bubble artists' Playlist

TrickJazz Studios Games Playlist

Nu-jazz and other chillout style music by artists that are featured in the Way of the Bubble mobile game.

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