I’ve made quite a few playlists which I’d love to share with you. You can find more of my playlists here, where you can choose between playback on Deezer, Spotify and Apple Music. (Note: Apple Music requires a subscription to listen, but Deezer and Spotify currently do not.)

Stoneygate Complete - a playlist of Stoneygate's complete catalogue so far.

Stoneygate – Complete

Everything Stoneygate has released to Spotify.

Cheer Me Up! A playlist of shiny happy music to beat the blues

Cheer Me Up!

Shiny happy music to beat the blues.

We Are Not Sleepwalkers - A playlist to motivate you to make the world around you a better place.

We Are Not Sleepwalkers!

Songs to motivate you to be a force for good in the world.

Chilled Industrial - relaxing industrial music playlist

Chilled Industrial

An industrial music playlist, but very chilled out.

Super-chilled playlist - relaxing music collection


A playlist of music so relaxed it’s horizontal. Not to be played in the car – save it for when you want to wind down or sleep!

Way Of The Bubble - Trickjazz studios games playlist for the game Way of the Bubble

TrickJazz Studios Games Playlist

Nu-jazz and other chillout style music by artists that are featured in the Way of the Bubble mobile game.

Chilled-out and relaxing music playlist - with vocals

Chilled out Songs

A huge playlist of chilled out songs, great for working or relaxing to. (If you prefer your tunes without lyrics, check out the Chilled Instrumentals playlist!)

A playlist of chilled out instrumental music. No lyrics!

Chilled Out Instrumentals

A playlist of laid back instrumental music for relaxation, study, design, creativity, or rest.  For those who prefer their music without lyrics.

A playlist of soundtrack and cinematic style music

Chilled Cinematica

Music from the movies… with a few pieces that fit into the genre and deserve to make it into a film sometime soon.

Of Space and Time: A space music playlist from Stoneygate

Of Space and Time

Of Space and Time: A space music playlist from Stoneygate

Chilled Cinematica II : Music that ought to be in the movies.

Chilled Cinematica II

A playlist of music that ought to be in the movies – if it isn’t already.

A chilled trip-hop Spotify playlist compiled by Stoneygate. Relaxing music with style.

Chilled Triphop

A relaxing triphop music playlist with the biggest names in the genre, plus a few you’re less likely to know.

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