Chilled Out Instrumentals

A playlist of laid back instrumental music suitable for relaxation, study, design, or creativity.  For those who prefer their music without lyrics. (Personally, I can find lyrics distracting when I’m trying to work with words).
If you would rather sleep than work, try my Super-Chilled playlist instead, as Chilled Out Instrumentals is really aimed at keeping you focussed, rather than helping you drift off for a good night’s kip!

The playlist centres around electronica from the likes of Bonobo, Tangerine Dream, Boards of Canada et al, but also changes gear now and again to take in some classical music and other styles. It also features a good smattering of smaller, independent artists that you might not come across on other playlists. (Unless you’re looking in some quite specific places, anyway.)

Chilled Out Instrumentals is also available on Deezer, as well as Spotify (below).

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