Triphop Playlist: Chilled Triphop

My triphop playlist is one of my favourites, bringing together all the biggest names in the trip hop genre, as well as a few that will be less familiar. I’ve also included some other artists if their track fits with the vibe of the playlist.  

Stylish and cinematic, the triphop genre emerged in the 90s, in the UK. Acts such as Massive Attack and Portishead have been particularly influential. In fact, even if you don’t use the term triphop, I can guarantee you will have heard at least some triphop music. It has been used widely in TV drama, with notable theme-tunes to the series House MD (Massive Attack’s song Teardrop) and Mad Men (RJD2’s A Beautiful Mine), and many other placements within shows such as the West Wing.

A version of my triphop playlist is also available on other platforms, not just Spotify! Pandora, Deezer and Youtube versions are already available; an Amazon version is coming soon

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