Curious – Music Inspired by Mark Haddon’s Novel the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

The Curious Incident ‘soundtrack’ is a new project from Fake Filmscore, Stoneygate’s alter ego. She has created quirky, and often downright creepy soundscapes for this first full album. The music is for an imagined film version of Mark Haddon’s wonderful book, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. It’s a movie that is really begging to be made, given the success of the stage version. (Warner Brothers bought the rights, but hasn’t made the film at this stage).

Why have an alter ego? Couldn’t she have released this as Stoneygate? Stoneygate thinks there will be more alter egos, in fact: “This project doesn’t sit so well under the Stoneygate banner, which is more triphop and downtempo electronica. Although you could argue this is an electronic project, it’s also orchestral. And it’s based on a book. Whether your music is discovered or not relies so much on algorithms now… It can serve artists better to work in just one genre, or to put different material out under another name. I’d like to do another fake filmscore – but only when I’ve completed another Stoneygate album. And I need to find another brilliant book that hasn’t yet been made into a film.”

The Curious Incident album is not yet available everywhere, but has appeared on Stoneygate and Fake Filmscore‘s Bandcamp pages for the September 2021 Bandcamp Friday.

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