Death Blinked First (Single)


‘The whole song makes me think of a ghostly skeletal halloween horse […] riding off into the distance, and it’s kind of a desert but it’s a spooky desert…’ – the Vanity Project, MCR Live

This song was the product of the 8 Day Sync Songwriting Challenge I took part in earlier in October. It was probably the most intense challenge I’ve done yet, even though it was one song in 8 days not 8 tunes in 8 days, as it would be in the 30 day challenge.
Death Blinked First - Stoneygate, single cover design
The song is a little different than my usual chillout style, as it’s more of an electro-swing  kind of sound, but hopefully people will ‘get’ it anyway. I showed the draft version of the video to Dad, whose experiences last year formed a big part of the inspiration, and he had a big grin on his face.


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