Sleepwalker by Stoneygate album coverSleepwalker is a collection of ambient instrumentals and thoughtful songs bringing together filmscore, downtempo, chillout and trip hop styles.

In instrumental tracks such as Spiralesque and Sunset Landscape, I’ve taken some ordinary ambient samples and then woven these in with electronic sounds and classical-style melodies.

Sad Samba enters more traditional downtempo dance music territory, whereas Sunrise hints at my Celtic influences with a slowly lilting violin melody, and Stuck in a Rut is experimental and just plain quirky.  Silver Bird describes my experience of hearing military planes flying close by – Lincoln is at the hub of several RAF bases – and the sense of turbulence in world politics that hearing these flights conveys. The song Some Days is based on the same source text as the Byrds’ song “Turn,Turn,Turn” by Pete Seeger, but looks at it from a slightly different angle: after a time of loss and suffering, now is the time to build, live and love.

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