Survival is Stoneygate’s second album, released on 18 May 2018. It’s an unusual mix of triphop, dreamy synths and electronica combine with a strong singer-songwriter influence in this followup to Sleepwalker

Darker and edgier than Stoneygate’s debut album, Survival reflects on the current state of world events: fake news, Facebook crisis and all.

Many of the tunes on Survival came out of Stoneygate’s Tune-A-Day June writing marathon. This coincided with a series of shocking events in London and Manchester, and the album includes Stoneygate’s reactions to what happened. That’s not to say that it’s in any way a depressing listen: it consists of chilled-out trip-hop, downtempo electronica and cinematic soundscapes, and occasionally ventures into singer-songwriter territory, e.g. with the folkiness of Thieving Autumn.

The album features a couple of collaborations with other local artists: Matt Steady co-wrote Nothing Good and plays Uilleann Pipes on Home To Roost. One Fine Day is a cover of a song by Nottingham-based singer-songwriter Lynz Crichton.

Here’s what other people have said about it:

“If you are a friend of the ambient + dreamy side of life – you may just love her work…. We like what she is doing here… – Nice work.”The Soundsniffer

Click here to buy Survival on CD

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