POTW (2019/28): Indie Picks

Patric Storholm has put together a solid collection of songs in his Indie Picks playlist, which is this week’s Playlist of the Week.

It’s the first time I’ve featured one of Patric’s lists, so I’ve done a little digging to find out a bit more about him. There wasn’t a lot of information available, but I did discover that Patric’s a member of Callus, a band formed last year in Stockholm, Sweden; he also manages the group, apparently.

After a couple of weeks of either snoozy or very gentle playlists on the blog, I wanted to share something a bit different. Patric’s Indie Picks playlist is a coherent, easy to listen to collection of songs largely built around guitars and tight vocal harmonies. It maintains a light and cheerful poppy atmosphere, where it wouldn’t be terribly out of place for Sufjan Stevens, Mumford & Sons or even one of the lighter, more recent Elbow tracks to crop up. (Apart from the fact that they aren’t indie artists, of course – this is a playlist for their unsigned counterparts.)

It is the sort of playlist that could cheer you along with dull housework or that you could do more applied brainwork to; although these are songs with lyrics, this is not music that is particularly intrusive or demanding.

Duration: 3h 13min, 51 songs.

Rating: PG – there are one or two songs labelled ‘explicit’. (I haven’t listened to these – the explicit filter is set on my account.)

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