POTW (2019/35): Ambient

Don’t be fooled by the name! This week’s playlist, Ambient, is not strictly an ambient music playlist, although there are some ambient elements to these tracks. It’s nearly all trip-hop favourites, and it’s a gem, thanks to Spotify user Lorien KC.

Trip-hop favourites

This list is packed with trip-hop classics, as well as some live versions. Many of the tracks are trip-hop favourites from the 90’s, like Massive Attack’s Teardrop (which you might know as the theme tune from the early series of House MD) and Moby’s Porcelain (used in various adverts back in the day, including VW Polo). There’s also Six Underground from Sneaker Pimps, Portishead’s tense Glory Box, and a cluster of tracks from Aphex Twin. (One of those is strictly ambient!).

Not just 90s nostalgia

The playlist isn’t just a 90s nostalgia trip, though. The trip-hop genre and related styles didn’t die the moment the millennium bug should have struck; This is reflected in the playlist with the inclusion of more recent tracks from Zero 7, Bonobo, Goldfrapp, Puracane and others.

In addition, there are a few incursions from indie artists, including a lovely downtempo track called Tonight from Shedizer, which is already one of my earworms. Another one to listen out for is Nikki Oniyome’s beautifully understated Drown. (I’m also massively* honoured to be one of the indie artists represented on this list, alongside some of my favourite tracks from artists that inspire me.)

It’s worth noting that some of the best treasures have been kept until the end. Quantic’s almost lofi Time is the Enemy, RJD2’s Ghostwriter**, The Silk Demise’s Wildfire and Maria TambiĆ©n from Khruangbin are all treats well worth holding on to the end for. Supreme Beings of Leisure’s Never the Same ends the list on another (metaphorical) high note.

This has been a most satisfying listen! If you love this list too, give my Chilled Trip-hop playlist a spin.

Duration: 3h 19min, 42 songs.

Rating: 12 – There’s one ‘explicit’ track, Morcheeba’s Big Calm, which contains some swearing.

Ideal for: a reunion with friends you haven’t seen since the 90s, or general purpose listening.

*See what I did there?

** As used in feature films Wimbledon and Prime.

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