POTW (2019/12): The Four Seasons

POTW (2019/12): The Four Seasons curated by Dmitry Golubovsky - a gentle classical, neo-classical and electronica playlist.

POTW (2019/6): Electronica by Independent Female Artists

POTW 2019/6: Electronica by Independent Female Artists - a collection of tracks by women, ranging from ambient through to clubby pop.


Playlist of the Week (2018/49)

Playlist of the Week (2018/49) is Alex Pope's Hover Car Radio, a synthwave retro treat with tracks from artists such as Kavinsky, Com Truise and Daft Punk amongst many others.


Playlist of the Week (2018/15)

This week's POTW, The 100 - Electronic is another from the Atom Collector Records stable, and exclusively features independent electronic artists, some of whom you will have already heard in previous weeks' POTWs, if you've been following the series so far. There is a broad range of genres within the list, even though it is…Read more Playlist of the Week (2018/15)


Playlist of the Week (2018/13)

This week's POTW is the wonderfully named Keep Calm and Walk with the Elephant*, from Iced Note Music.   The Elephant in the title is a reference to Elephant State, which is a band in Iced Note's stable and who have some tracks included on the playlist - I particularly like the driving Heritage. The playlist has…Read more Playlist of the Week (2018/13)