POTW (2019/23): Anima 33 Summer Chill

I had something completely different lined up for this week’s Playlist Of The Week. But then this mainly instrumental music playlist from RE Junesworth popped into my inbox and I couldn’t resist! I was quite excited, remembering how much I liked the last playlist of theirs that I covered. So I played it almost straight away, as background music to updating my CV and applying for a project contract that should hopefully help keep me afloat this autumn.

Instrumental music playlist

The playlist’s full title is Anima 33: Summer Chill / Psychedelic / Lo-Fi / Downtempo / Electronica / Guitar / Dub / World. It’s a long, but fair description! The range of music in this collection goes from chilled out dubby cool to lyrical to quirky lofi to eastern meditative or ambient sounding pieces. It’s mostly an instrumental music playlist, but there are some samples with lyrics in some of the pieces and several full songs.

The Bones

Several artists form the backbone of this playlist, with multiple appearances. These are most notably Rone, Nonkeen and, to a lesser extent, Loop Guru. Pink Floyd also get the occasional look-in. Nonkeen is a German trio of Nils Frahm and two of his childhood friends and longstanding musical collaborators who make Krautrock and jazz inspired experimental music. Rone is Parisian Erwan Castex’s cinematic electronica. And, completing the tour of major European capitals, Loop Guru are an experimental duo that formed in the London club scene around an interest in tape loops and world music.

The curator’s own musical project, Flugundi, is a notable absence again on this playlist. But if you enjoy Anima 33: Summer Chill, you are almost guaranteed to find their tracks of interest as well.

Duration: 8h 52min (93 tracks)

Rating: U – none of the tracks is labeled ‘explicit’, as you might expect from an almost entirely instrumental playlist.