POTW (2019/12): The Four Seasons

POTW (2019/12): The Four Seasons curated by Dmitry Golubovsky - a gentle classical, neo-classical and electronica playlist.

POTW (2019/11): Deep Indie

POTW (2019/11): Deep Indie, from Ezequiel Cagnoli. A well-curated playlist with attention to the flow of transitions between songs.

POTW (2019/10): Lo-fi Triphop / Chill / Dubstep

POTW (2019/10): A selection of Lo-fi Triphop / Chill / Dubstep, brought to you by the British punktronica band Leg Puppy.

POTW (2019/8): Classic Electronic Music

POTW 2019/8 is a selection of classic electronic music and classical music electronica, including such luminaries as J-MJ, Vangelis and Tangerine Dream as well as emerging artists such as Bassic, Animobo and Firechild.

POTW (2019/7): Anima 27 by RE Junesworth

POTW (2019/7): Anima 27 is a spacey, psychedelic, ambient playlist, featuring Alan Gogoll, Lemongrass, Seneca B and Shpongle as well as some of the most underground acts you've never heard before.

POTW (2019/6): Electronica by Independent Female Artists

POTW 2019/6: Electronica by Independent Female Artists - a collection of tracks by women, ranging from ambient through to clubby pop.