Playlist of the Week (2018/46)

Playlist of the Week No 46: Filtersweep Collective - Stay Clean 2018This week’s POTW is another from the Filtersweep Collective stable,  Jamie Christie’s Filtersweep Collective – Stay Clean 2018.  I’ve previously introduced you to Jamie in July, when I covered his easy listening/AOR playlist geared up for lazy weekend mornings.

This playlist is a mix of genres tending towards a slightly dark flavour, anchored by the synth-tronica of JJ Christie himself and other indie and synthy artists like Resonanz Kreis and War Syntaire. It’s not all about the synths, though: there’s a good balance of guitar-orientated music in the selection. It also has its lighter moments, such as Robert Maitland’s optimistic song All is Well, and the beautiful cinematic piano piece The Song Without a Name from Merlijn Depré.

All in all it’s a really nice showcase of a variety of independent music – I don’t think there’s a single track in this collection by a mainstream artist.

Rating: “PG” – This playlist mostly avoids songs with the ‘explicit’ label for swearing or adult themes, as the title of the list might suggest, but there are a couple of exceptions with the odd stronger word.