The Big Catch-Up (Part 1)!

Stoneygate Update: Gone AWOL?

As you may have noticed from the long, conspicuous silence, I’ve not posted anything for a while… (SORRY). There’s been a lot going on, though. Here are the highlights – a Great Big Stoneygate Update, if you like…. I’ll warn you this is going to be long, so you might want a cuppa in hand:


My remix of Tropical Breeze by MoonDreams Music was released at the end of September last year. (Yes, it really is that long since I posted an update in here about my musical efforts – SORRY AGAIN!)

Before that went live, I’d also finished off an EP of 6 remixes for John Clark at the end of August. (He’d also asked me to sing on them, so not a ‘standard’ set of remixes). Those came out in November, and I made a couple of videos to go with them, which I’ll post separately in the Videos section. These remixes and the MoonDreams one are currently at the top of my ‘Stoneygate – Complete’ playlist if you’d like to check them out:

Right after finishing the audio for these remixes, I started working some part time hours, so that I can keep going with the music. It’s not all that straightforward to juggle everything, but it’s been helping with the bills, and it’s been very flexible. It’s not a permanent arrangement, though, so I will need to find other work very soon.

Nihao China & Hi Pandora

Stoneygate update No.2: my tracks are now available on all the main streaming services in China, and I’ve also managed to get Sleepwalker and Survival onto the USA’s Pandora service 🙂

New YouTube Address

My YouTube channel now has a much easier to remember address (it’s the little things!) – or (This was possible to get because so many of you guys have followed the channel, taking it over 100 subscribers.)


In December, I got asked to remix a track by a local electronica duo MODWUMP, headed up by Craig Manga. Craig’s been really supportive playing my music on his radio show on Sine FM, so of course I wanted to do the remix, but wouldn’t be able to squeeze it in until the new year. The deadline wasn’t until the end of January, so that was OK, and my version of Nativity Crime Scene had its official release on Friday 14 Feb as part of a whole album of MODWUMP remixes and originals. (N.B. my remix is a ‘clean version’ of the original track; some of the material on this album would be considered ‘Not Safe for Work’ & unsuitable for younger listeners.)

I’ve saved some of the most recent news for another post. Watch out for Part 2, coming up shortly!

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