The Big Catch-Up (Part 2)

So, I almost got you up to date in Part 1 of the Big Catch-Up. Here’s the rest:

Cover art for The One Who Got Away, by Stoneygate

The One Who Got Away

In Summer 2018, I met a producer called Rob Hartley on Drooble (a musicians’ collaboration/music sharing platform). He was looking for a singer to topline for a track he’d written and produced. (That’s when you write lyrics and the melody line and then perform and record them). Rob’s guitar playing on this track reminds me a bit of Chris Isaaks or Chris Rea.

We finished writing and recording The One Who Got Away soon afterwards, and I then mastered the track. At this point, however, I got stuck over some admin details for releasing the song, due to it being a collaboration, and I put it on hold. By the time I’d finished the MoonDreams remix, I knew what I had to do, but it got delayed a bit longer because I’ve been so busy. I’m feeling quite excited about getting this one out into the world after such a long incubation!


The final part of the big catch-up is not music-related. Dad completed and submitted his draft PhD in January (hooray!). This marks a significant milestone in his recovery from his illness a couple of years back. Next step is the Viva exam, which will probably be in early April.

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