Tune-a-Day June 2016

Last year, my friend Max said he was going to write a tune a day in June. I felt challenged and joined in. It was an enormous struggle to get past the two week mark producing a proper tune every day, but I made it to about three weeks in before the writing petered out. It was as tough as any physical workout.

This time, I asked Max if he was up for it again this year… I wanted to do this, because I don’t feel like I have written enough in the last twelve months, particularly writing purely for pleasure and wanted to concentrate on some songwriting.

I managed to forget June had started though, and suddenly saw Max posting a tune on 2nd June. (What am I like?!) So I have started a bit late, and am going to try to catch up.  The first couple of tunes were just small ideas, loops to get warmed up to the idea of writing music again after churning out various college assignments over recent weeks. Most of the last year’s music writing has seemed to be writing to a brief, with a few exceptions, so I need to find the strand of pure creativity and draw myself in deeper. It might take a few days or so to get where I want to be!

The tune for Day 3 is a step beyond where I got to with the first couple of ideas, so is the first thing from this year’s challenge that is worth sharing. (Note: It’s just a demo of the idea – not properly mixed and produced.)

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