Update on the Collabs

I heard from John Clark this week about the remix EP… It’s all uploaded to the distributor now and just about ready to go. We have set a release date of 1st November. The title (unless we think of something we prefer in the meantime) is Re:Bugged, because of John’s preoccupation with insects. (A couple of the tracks on the EP are definitely very buggy, too, and so is the artwork!). I’ve attached a pic for you that John sent me of all the tracks lined up on the distributor’s system.  In case you can’t tell, I’m getting pretty excited about this already, even though 1st November is quite a way off. I’ve got John’s permission now to share some 30s clips of the songs, too – watch out for those in a future update.

The other project, the MoonDreams single remix, should be ready on the distributor’s site within the next few days, after a small delay.  It’s now looking like it should be a mid-September release, but we don’t have a definite date set yet, so I need to wait and see. 

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