Viva Skegvegas!

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Last weekend, I played an acoustic set at Skegvegas festival, a large gathering of VW owners at Revesby, close to the Lincolnshire coast. Actually it was three sets, as several people who had been booked for the acoustic tent had dropped out, so those of us remaining who could made up for the gaps played again.

We were more there to add to the atmosphere of the festival, and there were a lot of people walking past, soaking up the music as they went, but a few stayed and listened to us as a gig. I got my first ever request – for another Suzanne Vega song, so I did The Queen and the Soldier, and one of the guys who had stuck around came up at the end and said it was his favourite song ever. Made my day to know that, plus it is one of my favourites, too.

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